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Facebook Ad Type: Photo Ads

Keywords: organic, eco-friendly, feel good, be beautiful

Target Audience: women 30-60 who have enough dollars to spend on a $20 candle where they also have to pay shipping charges. Women that want unique items that their friends don’t have. They may also be into witchcraft/organic living/ supporting local




Product Name: Cabin Fever

Headline: Wood wick, triple scented and 100% soy wax candle

Description: Add fragrance and brightness to your life

Top-Text: Free yourself from the shackles of dull and boring life with 60 hours of scented elegance.


Product Name: Quarantine & Chill

Headline: Wood wick, triple scented and 100% soy wax candle

Description: Bring a little comfort into your confined life

Top-Text: During these hard times, let this candle fill your mind with positive thoughts.


Product Name: Anchored NW

Headline: Wood wick, triple scented and 100% soy wax candle

Description: Make memories with an amazing scent

Top-Text: Feel the warmth, light, scent, and hope with the alluring fragrance of Anchored NW.

LinkedIn Text Ads

Target Market: small businesses in the US and Canada.

Training Areas: all types of small and medium-sized businesses’ success.


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B2B Email Copies

To:       Amanda North, Billing Executive, Walmart Inc.

From: MaryAnn Stone, Product Engineer, ABC Billing Solutions

Goal:   To provide more information and sell Chieftain Billing Software.


Subject: Streamlined Billing and Collections with Chieftain Billing


Hi Amanda,


Thank you for your interest in enhancing the billing process effectiveness.

The user experience orchestrates the success of any software. Learn why thousands of healthcare service providers use Chieftain Billing Software.


Did you know: Chieftain Billing doubles your monthly collections!


This integrated system expedites your reimbursements thereby making you concentrate on your more important routine operations.


Chieftain Billing takes control of the process and efficiently manages them. Want to find out how?

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Passionate to revolutionize your operations!


MaryAnn Stone

Product Engineer

ABC Billing Solutions


To:       Tamara Mitchel, Billing Executive, Walmart Inc.

From: Emma Thompson, Customer Relationship Lead, Channel Program Blueprint Inc.

Goal:   To provide more information and sell Channel Program Blueprint.


Subject: Increase Sales through our Channel Program Blueprint


Hi Tamara,


We know you want to grow your business. So invest one minute and read this email.

Our recently introduced Channel Program Blueprint (CPB) ensures an actionable sales growth strategy. Do you wonder how?


Partner Relationship Management (PRM) technology is developed with a motive to increase your sales.

This free high-level gap analysis report will help you make the right decisions besides giving you hands-on opportunities to increase your business volume.


From business planning to demand creation, its one solution to multiple needs!


Measuring technology through monitoring and reporting is just iota of the whole bunch, while our CPB is offering more than this. Want to learn more?

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Committed to trigger your sales,


Emma Thompson

Customer Relationship Lead

Channel Program Blueprint Inc.


Eximia Treatment – PPC Landing Page

Revolutionizing fat/weight loss!


Why Consider Eximia?

It’s effective, safe, simple, non-surgical, painless, and quick!

  • Remove fat safely, quickly, and effectively
  • Consult certified world-renowned specialists
  • Eximia is non-surgical; based on the latest technology


What Areas Can be Treated?

Chin Fat Removal

It is an easy way to get rid of the double chin. If you have a double chin and you are looking for an effective non-surgical method to fix it, go for our Eximia.

Thighs Fat Removal

It can contour and proportionate your thighs. If unwanted fat is causing problems such as cellulite, you can remove cellulite by trying our Eximia.

Buttocks Fat Removal

It will even out the buttocks skin without causing discomfort. If you are struggling with the cellulite problem on the buttocks, our Eximia is the way out.

Abdomen Fat Removal

If you are looking for a non-surgical method to remove unwanted fat from your belly area and you do not like to have major side effects, give our Eximia a try.


How Does Eximia Work?

Step 1: Vacuum Suction

The Eximia machine uses a famous vacuum suction technique to carefully enhance the lymphatic drainage in the treatment area.

Step 2: Release

The release technique plays an important role in making the body cells responsive to the treatment and melts the unwanted fat cells.

Step 3: Velum Suction

The velum suction is an important part of the procedure where the machine runs a compressive suction to enhance the skin.

Step 4: Vibration

The vibration technique is one of the most important gifts of the Eximia machine to your skin. It loves to make your skin great.


Benefits of Eximia

  • Makes your skin tighter
  • Makes the body firm and contoured
  • Inhibits the formation of localized cells
  • Improves and reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • A non-invasive technique for fat & cellulite removal


What Do Past Patients Say?

I never liked the surgical methods of fat removal. A doctor at Euromed Clinic explained how Eximia works and I liked it. The cost was also not too high. I have recently had it and I am satisfied with the results; my body is contoured now. The doctor and the staff were friendly and supportive. I recommend Eximia by Euromed Clinic.” – (Amal, 34, Kuwait)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the results long-lasting?

Yes, the results are natural-looking and long-lasting.

How many sessions do I require?

The number of sessions depends on the condition of the body.

Why Euromed is best for Eximia?

Our doctors have delivered to thousands of Eximia patients. We have the latest machine for safe and effective treatment.

Any pain I suffer during the treatment?

No, it is a simple and short treatment where the patient lays down and relaxes. There will be no pain and discomfort.


Ready To Say Hello To New You?

It is good for you to become a better version of yourself.

Get in touch now and say hello to a slim and contoured body.


Environmental Impact of Computers Disposal


Meta Description

The society has become concerned about old computer disposal due to these shocking studies. Here is how you can avoid harms through secure IT disposal.


Table of Contents

  • Staggering Amount of Waste
  • Computers Harm Environment
  • Protecting The Environment Effectively
  • Ready To Protect The Environment?


Ever wondered how billions of electronic devices endanger humankind? All over the world, the environment is facing a ‘waste crisis’ and all of us need to take action to save the world. The traditional way of old computer disposal poses certain risks. Simple and secure IT disposal techniques can transform the recycling process. This article discusses appalling facts about IT waste, the risk it poses, and the right way to recycle it.


Staggering Amount Of Waste

Do you know where does the outdated technology go? Well, there are different ways to deal with it. Such kind of stuff sometimes ends up in landfills and different companies ship them to developing countries where they get a new life.

From the agricultural revolution to the personal computing revolution, humans have achieved so much during the last three centuries. Different gadgets appear every year only to become outdated in a few years. Used computer waste is strewed across the globe and it is impacting our lives in different ways.

As per UNEP’s (United Nations Environmental Program) estimates, 20 to 50 million tons of e-waste are generated worldwide annually. About 5.5 million tons of total waste is believed to include televisions, computers, and cell phones.

Though computers have become smaller in size, the number of units has grown dramatically. According to Forbes magazine, billions of personal computers and laptops have so far been sold. Here is how these devices harm our environment.


Computers Harm Environment

The computer systems are made of different components that include heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury. The toxic component in computers and attached batteries come with multiple health risks and proper recycling is required.

The shocking outcomes of increasing waste are no secret. We are paying a high price due to the toxic components of computers. With laptop sales touching new heights, we are not sure how we are going to handle the outdated laptops 20 years from now.

It is important to mention that there are risks associated with the reuse of second hand IT equipment. Due to this reason, researchers are keenly studying the impact of secure IT disposal on our environment. Even unsafe disposal can cause the following problems:

  • Landfill risks
  • Energy wastage
  • Economic harms
  • Groundwater contamination


Protecting The Environment Effectively

Some experts have come up with innovative ways for old computer disposal. Just taking care of basic principles can protect the environment and humans living in it. By using the following secure IT disposal methods, environmental conservation can be ensured.

Educate Yourself: It is important to get to know your machine to begin with. Explore what kind of metals and materials have been used to make it. Afterward, try to learn the secure way to dispose of your old computer. If you have any confusion, you can always take professional help.

Take Professional Help: If you are an organization and want to recycle a number of machines, you should get professional help. There are dedicated facilities that can take care of your waste at a reasonable price. It is your corporate social responsibility to dispose of all machines securely.


Ready To Protect The Environment?

So much environmental damage has occurred in the past but we can still do much to avoid further degradation. Being a responsible person, you should ensure safe IT disposal to keep the world clean.

If you need any help regarding old computer disposal, one of our experts would love to help. Get in touch with one of our experts now and be a part of this noble cause to keep the environment clean.



Importance of UI/UX for Modern Mobile Applications

This article discusses how design drives success for mobile applications.


“People ignore design that ignores people.”Frank Chimero


Understanding UI/UX?

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design form the bedrock of a successful mobile app. Mean to say, the success of today’s mobile apps is heavily reliant on the UI and UX design.

Innovative application design is characterized by a user-friendly layout and an engaging arrangement of important components.


How do UI/UX Work?

A seasoned designer puts oneself in the shoes of the end-user. Knowing what the target audience wants is the key determinant of brilliant application design.

Constant 360-degree evaluation is critical to improving the user experience. Creative design is resultant of artistic UI and outstanding UX ideas.


“The function of design is letting design function.” – Micha  Commeren

Who is a UI/UX Designer?

It comes as no surprise that a remarkable design happens to be the brain-child of a professional who is fully equipped with the knack of creativity coupled with a complete grip on the designing tools.

The creativity of an avid designer knows no bounds because he or she has a unique set of skills.

The Role of Design Tools

Cutting-edge graphics designing tools empower design artists and make their work quite easy.

If you are ready to make a difference in this rapidly changing technology world, join hands with us! Our state-of-the-art and off-the-shelf tools save your time and money.

No matter where you live in the world, we will deliver promptly. We specialize in providing customized solutions that save time and money thereby enhancing functional excellence.


Where To Find An Adept Designer?

We love to take challenges! Our rates are affordable. Nevertheless, we provide extraordinary services.

Get in touch and speak to one of our expert designers to know how we can deliver

You can get one month of a free trial by contacting us today.